Saturday, July 17, 2010

i hope snooki can still sell tshirts

"the sharks won’t eat you if you don’t step on them."

Recent N.J. shark sightings may be due to warm waters, abundance of fish

Shark sightings closed New Jersey beaches for the second day in a row Thursday, causing more curiosity than panic among bathers, lifeguards said.

"Yes, there are really sharks out there," Seaside Park lifeguard C.J. Ratshin, 21, wearily told the one of the "tons of people coming up and asking if the sharks will eat them."


  1. You know what this situation....notice my use of the word "situation" even though I don't watch Jersey oil spill will kill all sealife, thus making my life and that of lifeguard CJ Ratshin, a lot safer. Hope I'm not missing something here?

  2. You are - GTL. Gym, tanning, laundry