Friday, May 1, 2009

The Food Police Strike Again

Why are we all punished because others don't know the meaning of the word moderation?

Bakers in Albany County have started their cry against the trans fat ban, which will take effect in just two months.

They fear their desserts and baked goods will lose favor, consistency and attractiveness without the use of shortening that contain artificial ingredient that has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

The baking industry is not anxious to join restaurants and other Albany County food service establishments which, under the county regulation, converted Jan. 1 to cooking only in oils free of trans fat.

The resolution [Christine] Benedict [Republican minority leader of the County Legislature] is co-sponsoring with Republicans Lee Carman of Guilderland and Patty Lockart of Colonie states: "It is not the government's role to micromanage the lives of people by controlling types of ingredients in their cupcakes."

Rachel Cocca Dott, who is in her second year of operating Coccadotts Cake Shop on Central Avenue in Colonie, sought Benedict's help.

"I'm known for my butter cream," Dott said. Trans-fat free shortening is more difficult to come by and more expensive, she said. By experimenting with the new product, she found that her butter cream frosting on cakes and cupcakes was "breaking down" and getting "watery."

I love butter cream. Why would I buy baked goods in Albany County with inferior ingredients, when I can buy superior products in neighboring counties or supermarkets not policed by the food Nazis?

Being overweight and having high cholesterol are causes of cardiovascular disease. Excess trans fat can exacerbate both conditions. That's the connection. So, those of us who enjoy butter cream occasionally whilst successfully managing our food intake can look forward to more of these food banning policies. Again, the government is the nanny state, taking care of us from cradle to grave. No thanks...

Of course, this goes without saying that every bakery affected by this nonsense will suffer financially.

I wish people like Majority Leader Frank Commisso would mind their own business and stay out of people's lives and food choices. It is increasingly apparent why the average folks continue to be disgusted with government.

Solidly behind the ban was Majority Leader Frank Commisso, who has been in the food business most of his life, and five years ago went on a health kick, dropping 90 pounds, from 253 to 160, all by sticking to a healthy diet.

I'm happy you're not fat anymore Legislator Commisso, but for the rest of us who practice moderation when we eat and, consequently, have never put ourselves in a position to need to "drop 90 pounds", leave our food choices alone.


  1. what would the french say about that? they already think american food is shite. funny, they're still skinny after eating those crepes.

  2. I love these clowns in goverment telling us when to eat,shit and piss. TIME FOR REVOLUTION

  3. Is that you Earthboy?