Friday, August 31, 2012

Pippa Meet Tel Aviv

Across from the Dan Panorama


Gordon Beach

If you go into the water alone someone may greet you with, "You look like you dance salsa.  Come here."
But if you stay on the beach napping you'll just see people showcasing after doing downward dog.  

Banana hammocks easier subjects since those with 6 or 8 packs are usually running.

She doesn't eat; she's a tranny; and she'll steal all your money.

Three liters of beverage.

Same ubiquitous goods at the flea market.
Beware of metal drop arms, even if your wife is a nurse.
Yafo Port

Clock Tower

Around the corner from Dallal restaurant.

Shabazi street
Door store

Shiny flashy at the outdoor shisha bar.

"Chidren milk from the teet."

"He's got a lot of idiot savant skills."

"You know that's the sign for Thai Airlines, right? (and not the Thai restaurant we've been searching for the past 1/2 hour)

"That guy was a hunchback.  My brother's a hunchback.  There's nothing wrong with it."

"I'm totally ok if you abandon me for a pirate and a midget on a moped."

Extra gelato for lesbian arms.

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