Saturday, May 28, 2011



"Are you married? Do you love men? Can I join you? How many boyfriends do you have?"
"Now five. I am five." (Not all checks are the same.)


CCH touching the center of the earth.

"Jesus ate bagels like this. These are Jesus bagels."

Actually he probably ate one like this (with a schmear).


"I don't have a lot of shillings."
"Dude maybe you shouldn't confuse a Germanic currency here."

First world dimple.

Only a "half" pint of Tuborg but looks even more gigantic next to CCH.

"I make people happy." (CCH)

Free shots from our friendly bartender and even more attention from one half of a couple.
"This is your moment [CCH]."


"I made a lot of life decisions last night." (CCH)

No yelling from these pedestrians on a Saturday.

Monastery Puppy

Date Palm Trees

Mount of Olives and Dome of the Rock

Prison of Christ

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