Monday, June 13, 2011

Rocking the Third World


Maybe I'll study, maybe I won't...


"I just found a lime in my pocket." (Anonymous avoiding a Locked Up Abroad incident at the airport.)

Nothing better than Hello Kitty and no open container laws.

The ugly duckling little mermaid (just about the only ugly thing in Copenhagen).

The Little Mermaid.

The underappreciated Lahore little mermaid.

Are you sure it was the panis you meant to hug?

"Look at the balls all in a row."

"Who's gonna pay that much for a chair?" (27,200 Krone = $5440)
"Well it is hand made."
"I'm gonna make you one tomorrow."

Man-pris (at least he's fit).

"I'm not worthy of what I'm about to eat." (No photos from Le Sommelier - due to fat person's disease - see below.)

"The NOD is now a DOG (Day of Gluttony)."

"We're like the fat parade. We gotta keep on keeping on" (Anonymous, at some point in between consuming the following, but not simultaneously - hot dogs, pint of beer, three course meal.)

"We sight sawed. Sightseed. Went sightseeing." (Grammar is affected by fat person's disease, so is the tendency to swear.)

"Believe it or not she's easy to get along with."

"I have a social network back home. If they give me shit I can punch them in the face."

"Go f#*! yourself."
"I'm trying. I mean don't tempt me."

Opera House

Probably something of importance, but not sure what (Unknowing Hostess had her hands full enough as it was).

Water so clean that the mayor drinks out of the river every year (that is, until a dorsal fin appears, of an angry ugly mermaid).

No panis here.

And still the happiest people in the world.

Socialism = free internet and quiet cars on public transportation.

Almost summer solstice.

One of many parks - some featuring outercourse, some not.


Unlike other beer tours, you don't have to wait till the end for the samples.

"Grab onto another rope. You're bound to get one." (Team building at the Carlsberg brewery.)

No pani on the Carlsberg horses either.


"It's darling!" (translation: SO FUN!! - finally, after much envy, acceptance of the cousin of the Child.)

Actual size - although HLM may distort appearance.

George Michaels' Snappy Snaps.

Pre-burning of the roof.

Presentations by Anonymous:

Butternut squash soup with crème fraîche.

Mixed greens.

Chocolate rubbed steak (grilled vegetables cancel out the extreme gluttony).

Crème brûlée (hope I can fit into my work clothes).

An appropriate aperitif.
"The panis belt sticks out more than my boobs."


Swine birthday cake. (SO FUN!!)

Blur of Lady Gaga at Gatwick (too fast to get a clear shot).