Monday, October 12, 2009

Papelbon - Mr. Fastball

No Red Sox fan should be surprised about Papelbon's meltdown. The closer has basically become a one-trick pony. When his fastball is lacking movement and isn't locating, it's curtains. All season, he has lived on the edge, throwing his fastball over 80% of the time.

Remember, here's a guy who used to throw a slider, a splitter and even a curve when wanted.

For 2009, Fangraphs has him throwing fastballs 81.5%, sliders 9.2% and splitters 9.3%.

And, to add to the mix, Papelbon's previous shoulder issues may be exacerbated by secondary pitches. A catch-22?

As an aside, didn't Daniel Bard look exceptional?

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