Monday, June 15, 2009

Oklahoma Here We Come?

Looks like Californians are headed east to Oklahoma to escape high taxes, anti-business practices and unaffordable housing due to highbrow zoning laws.

Ask these Okies-in-reverse why they traded the Golden State for the Sooner State – named for settlers who came there sooner than the Homestead Act allowed – and you'll hear a lot of similar themes: easier to find a job; cheaper to buy or rent a home; better place to make a fresh start. Ask them why they stay in Oklahoma and they'll add to that list a deep optimism that it's a place where things are about to take off.

I hope the transplants understand why Oklahoma is the anti-California. There is no oppressive state government sucking the life out of productive people and small businesses in order to pay for deadbeats and welfare queens. Here's a clue, remember those liberal asshats you voted for in California? Their policies are what you are escaping. Don't make the same mistake in Oklahoma.

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