Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long Live the Queen

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

She's lived through the Blitz, the diminishing power of the British Empire and scorn for her crown. Regardless, she remains the preeminent symbol of royalty and an example of its protocols and stoic traditions.

Hopefully she'll remain in good health and live many more productive years so we won't need to put up with her insufferable, hypocritical son on a grander stage.

Remember this:

Prince Charles was accused of hypocrisy last night for using a private jet on an 'environmental' tour of South America.

The prince will travel to the region next month in a visit costing an estimated £300,000 as part of his crusade against global warming.

He will use a luxury airliner to transport himself, the Duchess of Cornwall and a 14-strong entourage to Chile, Brazil and Ecuador on a 16,400-mile round trip.

He was roundly criticised for flying first class to the U.S. with a 20-strong entourage to collect an environmental award in 2007.

According to The Carbon Managers company, the trip will leave a 322 ton carbon footprint. Prince Charles says he will offset the carbon emissions.

From Labour MP Ian Davidson, "It would be hard to make this up. To hear that the Prince of Wales is flying to South America to save the environment and taking 14 staff on his jet at hideous cost just for this trip is the height of the absurd. At a time when the greed of bankers is causing much adverse comment I would have thought that Prince Charles would have had more sense than to be so financially and ecologically wasteful."

Sorry, Right Honorable Davidson, the Prince doesn't have the sense of a barnyard chicken and is a A-1 goofball to boot. Who could forget the tampon scandal?

For many Britons, the epitome of Prince Charles' on-again, off-again romance with Parker Bowles was the transcript of a racy and sometimes gross telephone conversation they allegedly had years ago.

The transcript of the 1989 phone tryst appeared in Australian and British media in 1993, the year that Charles and Diana separated after more than 11 years of marriage.

In one part of the chat, which exudes sex, the woman identified as Parker Bowles says she needs her partner all the time, to which the male speaker replies: "Oh God, I'll just live inside your trousers or something. It would be much easier." The man also says he'd like to live in the woman's underwear "as a tampon."

The Prince's hypocrisy has routinely drawn the ire of his subjects. Here and here...

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