Monday, September 26, 2016

Growing a Mexican Food Toddler

First meal upon 10:05 arrival at LAX.  (Start of food baby)

"Look for the mexicans!"
"It's your favorite pastime."  (True, but only while driving on Route 1, Feet of Death.)

No flautas, so might as well try margaritas with agave wine.

Still no flautas but good dumpy taco stand:

First round at Pismo Brewery.

"The weather is so nice, but I'm concerned about the shark bait coming out of the water at this time of night." (FOD's observation after a few more beers and watching several surfers.)

Breakfast of champions (those who dune buggy/almost flip/get tires stuck in sand).

"I thought dune buggying would be pretty easy but when you top a dune at 30 mph only to realize there is a 50 foot 80 degree drop on the other side, you learn to squeeze your butt cheeks in the best possible way.  I'm amazed I didn't produce an oyster!"  (Apparently in FaceBook vernacular oyster = pearl, at least according to FOD.)

"I can't get out.  I can't stop laughing.  I'm going to pee in my pants." (Thanks God this was the last time we switched seats.)

Balaclava time

 BEST FLAUTAS IN SO CAL (Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant in Grover Beach)

No biggest ball of twine on Route 1 north but one does see Home of the Artichoke, lots of scarecrows, and possibly home of the bail bondsmen.

En route to Monterey.

"Are those seals or rocks?
"No, they're rocks."
"You're right, they're seals.  And they are throwing dirt on each other."

"I just put hair conditioner on my legs thinking it was lotion."
"The lotion is right here btw."
"Yeah they looked the same to me."
"Isn't the conditioner yellow?"
(Color blindness, one of the first symptoms of late stage Mexican food baby.)

Big beer pairing with XLB.

"You have to get your own.  I'm not sharing."  (Channeling NBB in San Fran)

"Butt, butt."  (Siri's response to Jersey road rage yelling "asshole" at a SF driver.)

Apparently, So Cal is also home of garlic (maybe not the best thing to follow on a mountain road).

Los Banos! (not really)

"If we In and Out, I'm not getting a coffee."
"This is where it starts..."
(Discussing breakfast options at 10:29 while in Starbucks drive thru line.)

(Choice made, obvi.)

More flautas, good but unfortunately not the equiv to Jalapenos (but way better than anything in the Northeast).

Taco Extravaganza!

Best "leftovers" ever.

"Cute!" (Sous chef aka chef's comments about the wine bottle)

"Is it sad this is our only exercise the past few days?"
"Better than the hills in San Fran."
"We should be proud of ourselves then."
(Dialogue while walking to Santa Monica Pier to get drinks.)

No photos of our last meal before the red eye, since we inhaled our In and Out. (Three hours to kill before a flight goes very fast when one is watching randos do yoga poses and superman jumps in Santa Monica.)

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