Friday, July 13, 2012

Jerash Festival

(What better location for a concert than one of the best preserved Roman cities.)

Sword wielding locals (although only the 8 yr old appears to be actually holding the weapon).

Not only able to withstand wars and earthquakes, but also festival equipment (and bedouin tents).

South Theatre (surprisingly comfortable 1st century seats).

Shiny flashy sparklers aren't just for birthday cakes in Jordan.

Sword wielding locals also like to attend concerts.

And so do superheroes.

(Why do you keep pointing that thing at me?)

(Oh yes, so you can take my picture.  Now I won't attack with my sword.)

Who needs to see a concert when you have glow sticks.

Especially when you have multiple colors.

Muling dad's shisha pipe for the festival.

Clearly gas stations do specialize in inflating pool floaties.

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